Artisan Alley Venue Rates and Information

Artisan Alley is located between New York Avenue and Georgia Avenue, just west of Woodland Boulevard, in historic DeLand, Florida. Artisan Alley is the home of the Conrad Garage, the Courtyard in the Alley, and NEST just outside the Garage entrance. Both the Garage and the Courtyard are perfect venues for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, class reunion, corporate event, or any other special occasion. The Conrad Garage at 113 W. Georgia Avenue offers approximately 5,500 square feet (106.1 by 55 feet). The Courtyard in the Alley is just outside the north entrance to the Garage. You can rent either or both spaces for your event.
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Let us take some of the stress out of planning your event! Artisan Alley Garage is your blank canvas to create the event you've dreamed about. We have lots of options so you can easily put together the event you want at the price you can afford!

Artisan Alley Garage
Saturday or Sunday,
8 a.m. – Midnight


• Winter $3,800
• Summer $3,300

Artisan Alley Garage and Courtyard
Saturday or Sunday,
8 a.m. – Midnight

• Winter $2,900
• Summer $2,600

Artisan Alley Courtyard
Monday – Thursday,
5:30 p.m. – Midnight
Saturday or Sunday,
8 a.m. – Midnight

• Winter $900
• Summer $600

Farm-Style Tables
Handmade by a local craftsman
96" x 34" wooden tables, each seats 10
25 available; minimum rental 16 tables

• Winter:
$50/each delivery & setup included

• Summer:
$50/each delivery & setup included

Mahogany chairs**
Folding resin frame, padded seat, 200 available
**Price includes delivery to and removal from the Garage

• Winter:

• Summer:
Day of Coordinator:
Coordinates and executes the details of wedding day
• Winter:
• Summer:

Clean Up Crew:

post-wedding clean up and take down
• Winter:
$300 + $2 per person over 150 people

• Summer:
*Winter is Sept. 15 to April 14. Summer is April 15 to Sept. 14. (Summer rates are lower due to the lack of air conditioning in the Garage.) Inquire about limited additional furniture options that may be available


The Conrad Garage is 5,500 square feet of open space with soaring ceilings. With a dance floor setup (no table seating), the garage capacity is 848 people. With a tables-and-chairs setup, the capacity is 397.


Artisan Alley can be open to pedestrian traffic only during your event, or you may choose to offer guests some parking. Note: Your event may not disrupt the normal operation of Artisan Alley businesses.


Two on-site restrooms are available to events with 100 guests or fewer. Events with more guests must arrange for licensed and insured portable restrooms. (We can provide information about vendors.)


Artisan Alley is not available for rental on July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. New Year's and Memorial Day weekend events are subject to a holiday upcharge.


Rates for all events in the Conrad Garage and the Courtyard include bar service (service only, cost of alcohol served not included) from NEST's popular and convenient beer, wine, and sangria bar (soft drinks and water are also available). NEST can provide a cash bar with beer, wine, and their famous sangria as a part of your rental agreement. Many planners prefer to offer guests an open bar, whether throughout the event or only for a limited time (for example, the first hour or two, then switching to a cash bar. 18% gratuity is added to any open bar costs.).

Contact to request pricing for an open or cash bar for your event.

Wine and beer offerings and pricing will be based on the current menu selection,
which changes on a regular basis. All pricing includes the set up of the bar, including napkins and cups. We request that the bartender be allowed to place a tip jar on the bar. If you would like to have an open bar for a designated period of time, and then at the close of that time, have a cash bar available to your guests, NEST is happy to arrange that.

* Under no circumstances may anyone having an event in the Garage and/or Courtyard bring in their own alcoholic beverages and serve them without liability protection in place. Alcohol can only be served at events in Artisan Alley by NEST or by a licensed caterer with a liquor license or by a licensed and insured bar-tending company providing bartender(s). If a bartending company is used, they would be required to add the Artisan Alley venue (Conrad Realty Company) as additional insured for the event.

Please note that this is in addition to the event insurance detailed on the next page.
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Every event in Artisan Alley Garage and/or the Courtyard is required to purchase event insurance, listing Conrad Realty listed as "additional named insured." In addition, if you plan to serve alcohol, your insurance must include liquor liability coverage. You must submit your insurance certificate no later than one week prior to your event.

There are a number of companies online that explain and offer this inexpensive insurance. These are only a few:

 You may also wish to consult with your own insurance agent.


 The Conrad Garage is available for rental on either Saturday or Sunday only. The rental period is 16 hours (8:00 a.m. through 12:00 midnight on either day). You must set up and break down your event during these hours only, unless you rent for additional time.

Additional time options:

Saturday events may rent the Garage for breakdown on the Sunday after the event from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. for $200.

Sunday events may rent the Garage for setup on the Saturday before the event from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. for $200.


Check to see if your date is available. Once you have chosen a date, give us a call and we will pencil you in. Once we receive your $250 deposit, your date is confirmed. Dates may not be confirmed more than one year in advance. You will receive a refund of your deposit within five days after your event if the property is returned in the condition it was in before the event and provided that all rules regarding trash and debris disposal, as well as the rules concerning alcoholic beverages, were followed. If you must cancel your event, please do so 30 days or more before the event date or we cannot return your deposit.

We look forward to working with you to make your event in Artisan Alley a memorable one!

Information and Rates

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*All pricing subject to change at any time

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