Farmer's Market

Our market takes place every Friday, rain or shine from 6 to 9 p.m.

Farmers market – Sign up

Parts of this application will form your public profile on our website, so think of it as marketing collateral. Take the time to provide us with all the relevant details of your product, how you produce it as well as quality images.
Selection Process
•    All applications are reviewed in consideration of the following criteria:
•    Is the product or service produced in a 50-mile radius of DeLand, FL?
•    Is the product or service 100% Made, Prepared, Raised or Grown by the applicant?
•    Is the product unique?
•    Commitment to the Market.  # of our Markets you can attend in a 6-month period.

Our Market Mission
•    To establish a weekly market event in which all goods for sale are locally grown or locally produced.
•    To provide the people of DeLand and surrounding communities a shopping experience where items can be purchased directly from the artisan crafters, bakers, food vendors, and farmers who grow and make those items.
•    To encourage an environment where people might be introduced to a variety of ethnic, heirloom, wild or cultivated seasonal fruits, vegetables, and one-of-a-kind artisan products and cottage foods.
•    To support local producers and growers wishing to sell high-quality goods.
•    To support a multicultural environment.

Friday Market
Every Friday, 6p – 9p, rain or shine. The fee for the Market is $15 for farmers (growers of edible produce, raisers of livestock), $20 for all other categories + $3 for electricity (electricity is optional and not guaranteed). Once assigned to a particular Market, fees should be pre-paid using VENMO, Zelle, or in Nest to secure the spot. Fees paid in Nest must be exact change and are subject to a surcharge of $5. Please understand that we are a rain-or-shine Market, rain is not an excused absence, you must notify market management in advance if you do not plan to set up.

Space Sizes
All spaces are based on an approximate 10 by 10-foot allocation. Vendors requiring more than 10 feet of frontage will be charged for more than one space. We cannot guarantee any spaces, indoors or out, with electricity or without.  Please be prepared to work with what you are assigned to.

Notification for Missed Market Dates
If a vendor is not able to attend a market, the vendor must amend their application (directions in approval email) before the end of business the Tuesday prior to the Friday market date (this includes vendors placed as well as vendors on the waiting list - if you chose the date you are responsible for the date). Late cancellations will still be required to pay for the spot.
As the vendor you chose your own dates, so choose wisely. You will be allowed 1 cancelation per season, any more and you will not be allowed back that season. If assigned a space and do not pre-pay or communicate your absence, this is considered a no-show and you will not be invited back.
Terms and Conditions
Prepared Food Vendor Criteria

All prepared-food vendors must adhere to the following criteria in their initial application.
•    The product must be produced from scratch by the vendor.
•    If you are a cottage food vendor, you must follow all labeling requirements.
•    The preparation of the product must not interfere with or in any way deter from the experience of the Farmers Market. This is specific to unpleasant odors, smoke or harmful emissions – absolutely no generators are allowed.
•    All vendors must hold and display valid Florida-required licensing specific to the product they are preparing.
•    The prepared food products are limited to those approved upon application. Any changes to product offerings must be submitted to and approved by the Market Manager one week prior to the market date.
•    Deep frying is not permitted on-site without a hood system and fire suppression system, due to aromas and the danger of fire and oil spill.

Farm Vendor Guidelines
•    Growers Permit:  All vendors selling fresh produce, prepared foods or food products must have a growers permit and the permit needs to be displayed at your table.  Documentation must be submitted annually and will remain on file with the Market. This permit is free and can be obtained by calling the Agricultural Center at 386-822-5778.

•    Please be advised that the state prohibits you from describing your produce as “organically grown” unless you are certified organic. You may state that you “use organic methods”.

•    This market is 100% make, bake, grow or raise

•    ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS: Crafts, food products etc. that have not been approved by the committee either during the initial market application or during a subsequent updated application through the market manager, will not be permitted.

•    VENDORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR: security and safety of their products while attending the market. Conrad Realty is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage to the vendor, vendor merchandise, displays or products, at any time while in attendance at the market.

•    Taxes/licensing:  Vendors are responsible for their own taxation requirements, including paying sales tax if required. Also, vendors are responsible for all state-required licensing.
Market Operational Criteria
•    During the market season all vendors must arrive at the market in time to prepare for a 6:00p start. Set up begins at 5:00p, not before. You must be packed up and vacated by 10:00p. If a vendor fails to meet this schedule on two separate occasions during the season, the vendor will not be allowed to return. You must be prepared to cart in your items. There is no unloading, loading or parking on-site.
•   When unloading/loading you MUST be in a LEGAL parking space. You may not pull into a tow-away zone, you may not block other vehicles, and you may not stop or unload on Georgia Ave. the space MUST be a LEGAL parking space. We prefer that you avoid the lot directly across from Persimmon Hollow.
•    Once the bollards are in place on Georgia Ave there is absolutely NO vehicular traffic in that area.
•    All vendors must agree to respect their assigned space and to confine their display within the contracted 10 x 10 space. All space assignments must be adhered to, or the vendor will be billed by the Market for their additional space.
•    If you bring a tent, you MUST weight it.
•    If you bring a tent and are in the Garage you may NOT use the canopy – frame only.
•    If you need tables and chairs, you must bring your own. Do not use the chairs set out for patrons.
•    Garbage: All vendors must dispose of garbage at the end of the market in provided trash receptacles, all debris must be cleared from ground space.
•    Generators are not allowed on the property.
•    Open flame, candles, grills/smokers, and gas heaters are not allowed on the property.
•    Space Appearance: Each vendor is responsible for the safety and appearance of their stall space at the market. This includes keeping the area behind and around their stalls clean and free of clutter before, during and after the market.
•    Vendor Conduct: Vendors must conduct themselves with kindness and respect to customers and other vendors alike. Please direct concerns about fellow vendors and patrons to the Market Manager.

The Market Manager interprets and enforces the Vendor Rules and Responsibilities in consultation with Conrad Realty and the City.
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